5 Facts: Jack Fortner

Because sometimes the Grinches of Christmas are misunderstood, here are 5 facts about Jack Fortner, the hero in Christmas Catch, that may melt your heart after all.

1. He is fiercely loyal.

It is one of the qualities highlighted in the Boy Scouts, and Jack is the epitome of loyalty. He will do whatever is necessary to defend and support his crew on Forrester,  the townsfolk of Cape Sunset, and his family. Even if his brother Chris gets on his nerves.

2. Jack respects nature and the environment.

Growing up in a fishing family, Jack respects the balance of earning a living and preserving resources for future generations. Unlike some other fishermen, Jack would never believe he could win over the power of nature, a quality that keeps his crew safe and loved ones comforted.

3. His heart is as deep as the ocean.

It may take an extraordinary woman using extraordinary measures to open up his heart, but when it happens, Jack’s love is unwavering.

4. He is a family man.

Jack wouldn’t dream of leaving Cape Sunset. Not because he doesn’t want to see the world, or try new things, but because his family and history are in Cape Sunset.  Between the family business and having his mom, brother and sister-in-law in town, he couldn’t imagine not being around.

5. With Jack, the simple things in life are enough.

He is not after fame or riches. He wouldn’t gamble for a chance of fortune or go against the rules to bring in a bigger haul. No, Jack is the sort of person that is happiest in the comfort of his hometown, with the woman he loves, doing the job he was born to do.


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