Christmas Catch: A Twitter Pitch Success Story

Now that #PitchWars announcements have been made, I wanted to remind those who were not selected about another way to get the attention of agents and publishers. Sure, there is the traditional querying/slush pile approach, and many writers do get their agents that way. In fact, I had sent over 200 query letters covering three manuscripts, resulting in small press offers but no agent offers. I am not saying don’t take that route. I’m saying take as many routes as you can!

I, too, entered #PitchWars the last two years, resulting in no requests. I had taken part in many Twitter Pitch events like #SFFPit, #PitMad, #KidPit, and #PleaseSomeoneReadMyBook (okay, not real, but someone should start that). I wasn’t too sure how many writers had success with such events. Of course you can see how many ‘hearts’ the most popular pitches received, and if you’re really nosy, check out the agents who responded. I’m saying some people may do that, I’m guess…

My manuscripts covered different genres, as I experimented with the types of stories I wanted to write. So when I penned my first romance novel, I stumbled upon a pitch party called #KissPitch, held on Valentine’s Day. My manuscript was not finished at the time, but I couldn’t help snooping to read the pitches and which agents/publishers were participating. I noticed that some participants openly stated that the pitched manuscripts need not be finished. I hesitated. Do I really want to throw it out there, unprepared?

Apparently I did. I went for it. Now, it is so easy to bring oneself down during these pitch events. That person has 21 hearts! But two things to note here: 1) You never know WHEN someone will request. It can be a day or two after the event when agents may have more time to sift through the pitches. And 2) It only takes one. That one right person, the one who reads your pitch and connects with it and wants more.

I received 2 hearts from publishers during #KissPitch, and my small-town festive romance CHRISTMAS CATCH debuts November 19 with Carina Press. I am also now repped by Amy Brewer at Metamorphosis Literary. All those years of querying and rejection and my break came with a two-sentence tweet.

Don’t give up. Don’t limit yourself to one avenue. Do keep writing.

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