You should write a book

     “You should write a book,” said Everyone.
     Perhaps every aspiring writer has heard this from someone. Or several someones. The suggestions go something like this:
     “Your nose is always in a book. You should write one.”
     “You like Harry Potter? You should write a book. That lady is rich.”
     “That was a good (insert ‘short story’, ‘poem’, ‘eulogy’, etc.). You should write a book.”
     “I see you like chocolate. You should write a book.”
     Okay, that last one maybe not so much. But good for you for liking chocolate.
    These comments (or most) are well-intentioned. You were seen for your creativity, talent, or ideas. So much so, in fact, people felt compelled to encourage you.
     I say match their blissful ignorance. Write a book because you see your talent, or you have ideas that keep you up at night, or you find writing to be cathartic. I say this because if you do too much research too early on when writing a book, you will be discouraged.
     Writing is the foundation, and focus on that. Let it flow naturally. Plan or don’t plan. Organize whatever way helps you. Afterwards you can learn about editors, query letters, synopses, agents, publishers, cover design, writer conferences, website design, blogging, book trailers, e-books…
     See. I warned you. But disregard all that for now. You should write a book.

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